About Us

This company came to be out of our shared experiences as remote workers with chronic pain. Whenever we went to address our concerns with ergonomic working conditions, preventative care, or pain relief, we were left feeling like patients. It felt clinical and alienating. 

We wanted to change the thinking around caring for our health and wellbeing. You won't find our products in the pharmacy aisle next to the gauze, bedpans, and bandages. Taking care of your health in your home shouldn't feel like a bandaid solution. It should feel like what it actually is-- self-care.

Living with chronic pain, as many of us do, can make living an ordinary life almost impossible. How many of us feel good at the end of the work day? How many of us have energy to really enjoy our lives in our free time? It shouldn't be this way...and it doesn't have to be.

With remote work, we have an opportunity to change our working environments like never before. You don't need to wait for the office manager to order you a better chair and then spend the next decade sitting in whatever furniture they could buy wholesale. You can choose the right chair for you. The right desk for you. We're our own office managers now and we can create a working environment that not only keeps us productive, but happy and healthy. 

From the bottom of our hearts: 
We want to help you work smarter, so you can live better.