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Discreet Smart Back Posture Corrector

Discreet Smart Back Posture Corrector

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INTELLIGENT POSTURE CORRECTOR: This smart posture corrector can help you to correct poor posture habits and relieve back, neck, and shoulder pain. Feel better and look confident with your head held high. This innovative back support belt has the latest inductive design and actively monitors your posture throughout the day. A gentle vibration reminds you to correct your posture instead of the typical restraint style posture corrector, while being just as discreet.

SMART POSTURE REMINDER: When your back is bent over 25 degrees, the smart posture corrector will automatically sense the position and immediately activate the vibration alarm. These gentle reminders will help you reset your posture habits. Build a stronger core and relieve tension throughout your spine. Build healthier habits and say goodbye to slouching for good!

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The harness is made of porous mesh, which fundamentally improves breathability, allowing you to remain comfortable with extended use. The innovative ergonomic design is made to be comfortably worn and easily adjusted. The straps use a high-elastic nylon belt for greater elasticity and comfort.  This device easily fits most people, from children above 30 pounds to adults weighing 220 pounds. The position of the switch on the back is conveniently located and can be turned on without assistance.

LONG-LASTING STANDBY TIME: The back corrector uses a 500mAh polymer lithium battery and can be used for about 15 days after 1 hour of charging. Easily charge the posture trainer by connecting with the included USB cable.

Note: The switch has an indicator light for charging. A constant red light means normal charging and a constant blue light means the device is charged and ready to use. Charge the device before use.

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