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Magic Back - Adjustable Spinal Traction Arch

Magic Back - Adjustable Spinal Traction Arch

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Product description:

  • RELIEVES MUSCLE PAIN AND STRESS – With our ergonomically designed traction device, relieve chronic back pain. Gentle traction can help relieve intervertebral pressure as well as pressure on surrounding tissue and nerves. 

  • LIGHTWEIGHT BUT STURDY – Made of premium quality ABS. Use it forever! Ideal for use at home, at the office chair, at the gym, in the car or yoga mat.

  • PERFECT GIFT FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR LOVED ONES – Almost everyone experiences back pain at some point in their life and this increases with age. Relief from pain leaves one feeling energized and capable.

Recommendations for use:

  • Beginners or those who have sore lumbar spine can add a soft cloth pad or towel when they first start using it to avoid direct contact with the hard waist plate, causing hurt

Product included:1PCS * Magic Back Support 

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