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Thick Anti-skid Yoga Mat

Thick Anti-skid Yoga Mat

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  1. Made of high-grade NBR foaming material
  2. Provide a stable, cushioned surface with a natural rubber-like hand feel
  3. Offer all the support and comfort you need for proper alignment
  4. Heat and water resistant, can be used anywhere
  5. Textured front and back add strength for ultra tear resistance and increase grip on smooth floors
  6. Soft and lightweight, can be rolled and stored in compact spaces
  7. Simple sleek pure color design


  1. Color: Pink
  2. Unfolding Dimensions: (72.05 x 24.02 x 0.39)" / (183 x 61 x 1)cm (L x W x H)
  3. Folding Dimensions: (24.02 x 6.69)" / (61 x 17)cm (L x Dia.)
  4. Weight: 28.92oz / 820g
  5. Material: NBR

Package Includes:

1 x Yoga Mat

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